Athletic Clearance Instruction




Attention Parents and Student Athletes:

We are excited to announce that we are moving our athletic physical clearance process digitally for the 2020-21 athletic calendar season. Be sure to read the following instructions on completing this process. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to Athletic Trainer, Mr. Masters at


Quick steps for parents/students using the on-line athletic physical clearance process:

  1. Visit
  2. Watch the quick tutorial video.
  3. Click Register. PARENTS register with valid email and password. Your email will serve as your username. Type in the code shown on the screen to verify you are a human. If this step is skipped your account will not activate. (If this step is skipped, please contact us at the web address on the back to activate your account)
  4. Login using the email address that you registered with as your username.
  5. Click “Start Clearance Here” to start the process.
  6. Select the year 2020-2021.
  7. Select Jones then choose a sport. (See #11 if you/your child play multiple sports)
  8. Complete all required fields for Student Information, Parent/Guardian Info, Medical History and Signature Forms.
  9. Upload a picture or scanned image of the completed EL2 form. This is the FHSAA physical form that must be completed by a physician. This form MUST be on the FHSAA form. No other version of a health physical form will be accepted.
  10. Once you reach the Confirmation Message you have completed the process. Save this page for your records.
  11. If you plan on trying out for additional sports/activities you may check off those sports below the Confirmation Message. Electronic signatures will be applied to the additional sports/activities. EVERY SPORT YOU PLAN ON TRYING OUT FOR MUST BE CHECKED OFF, OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TRYOUT.
  12. All of this data will be electronically filed with your school’s athletic department for review. Please allow up to 48 hours for clearance. All documentation must be completed and submitted 48 hours prior to the start of conditioning/tryouts. Once your student’s documentation has been reviewed and cleared for participation, an email notification will be sent.


Online Athletic Clearance FAQ

What is my Username?

Your username is the email address that you registered with.

Multiple Sports

Once you complete a clearance for one sport and arrive at the Confirmation Message, you will have the option to check off additional sports/activities for the current school year. 

PLEASE ONLY CHECK OFF SPORTS YOU KNOW YOU WILL PLAY. If you decide to participate in an additional sport/activity later on, you can access the multiple sport checkboxes by clicking on “Print” under the Confirmation Message of your original Clearance for that specific year.

What if I have more than one child? Do I need to create separate accounts for each?

No. Once you click on ‘Start Clearance Here’ in your dashboard, you will select the year and school for whichever child you are completing it for. Then it will give you the option of selecting a current child in your account, or adding another child. All children will then appear in your dashboard. You will have to complete all required steps and documentation for each child.

EL2 FHSAA Physical Form

The physical form can be downloaded on Physicals page, found at, on the “uploads section” at, or in the front office at Jones. OCPS will accept the physical on-line (done by uploading the completed form on Step #9 above) or turning in a hard copy to the athletic department.

Statuses for this page are as follows:

  • Completed: All upload areas are filled (may not be required)
  • In Progress: At least one upload area is filled
  • Incomplete: No files have been uploaded

Document Library

This area is meant to store your files so they can be accessed later in the year or perhaps years following. You can either upload your files to the Document Library then apply them to your Clearance on the Physical page OR you can choose/browse for the file on the Physical page and the file will save to the Document Library for future use.

Why haven’t I been cleared?

Your school will review the information you have submitted and either Clear or Deny your student for participation. You will receive an email when the student is cleared. If there is something missing or completed wrong, you will receive an email notification.

Questions? Go to and submit a ticket.