2020-2021 Coaches and Start Dates

Dates are subject to change pending CDC, DOH, and Orange County Governmental Guidelines

FALL 2020-2021
Boys Bowling Rufus Redding Rufus.Redding@ocps.net TBD
Girls Bowling Dana Richardson Dana.Richardson@ocps.net TBD
Boys Cross Country Robert Ross  Robert.Ross2@ocps.net TBD
Girls Cross Country Lakisha Roundtree Lakisha.Roundtree@ocps.net TBD
Footbal Elijah Williams Elijah.Williams@ocps.net TBD
Sideline Cheer Trilauni White Trilauni.White@ocps.net TBD
Boys Golf TBD
Girls Golf TBD
Boys Swim David Ricklick David.Ricklick@ocps.net TBD
Girls Swim David Ricklick David.Ricklick@ocps.net TBD
Girls Volleyball *seeking TBD
Boys Basketball Alex Jackson Alex.Jackson@ocps.net  Nov. 2, 2020
Girls Basketball Harold Jacobs Harold.Jacobs@ocps.net Oct. 26, 2020
 Competitive Cheer Trilauni White Trilauni.White@ocps.net Oct. 12, 2020
Boys Soccer Fredrick Carroll Fredrick.Carroll@ocps.net Oct. 19, 2020
Girls Soccer Jose Reyes Jose.Reyes@ocps.net Oct. 19, 2020
Girls Weightlifting Kristle Hardy Kristle.Hardy@ocps.net Oct. 12, 2020
Coed Wrestling Robert Morgan  Robert.Morgan@ocps.net Nov. 9, 2020
Baseball Dwayne Moore Dwayne.Moore@ocps.net  1/18/21
Girls Flag Football Thomas Bryan Thomas.Bryan@ocps.net  2/8/21
Boys Lacrosse Steve Karoff Steve.Karoff@ocps.net  1/25/21
Girls Lacrosse Kristle Hardy Kristle.Hardy@ocps.net  1/25/21
Softball Brenda Walker Brenda.Walker@ocps.net  1/18/21
Boys Tennis John Pouzzner John.Pouzzner@ocps.net  1/18/21
Girls Tennis John Pouzzner John.Pouzzner@ocps.net  1/18/21
Boys Track Dontarian Evans Dontarianevans@yahoo.com  1/25/21
Girls Track Dontarian Evans  Dontarianevans@yahoo.com  1/25/21
Boys Volleyball Steve Robertson Steve.Robertson@ocps.net  2/8/21
Boys Weightlifting Dale Williams Dale.Williams@ocps.net  1/11/21

*Seeking qualified Applicants          It’s Great to be a TIGER!