Frequently Asked Questions


Student Eligibility

  1. Which GPA is counted toward eligibility for athletics?
    • Your unweighted GPA counts towards your athletic eligibility, which must be a 2.0.
  2. DO I have to get a physical for every sport?
    • One physical covers you for all sports you may participate in.
  3. What kind of physical do I need?
    • You must turn in a sports physical on the of official EL2 form from the FHSAA.
  4. How long is my physical valid?
    • A sports physical is valid for a full calendar year. Ex: A physical with the date 12/3/2019 is valid until 12/2/2020.
  5. Am I ineligible if I turn 19 years old while I’m in school?
    • You become ineligible if you turn 19 years old before September 1st of the current school year.

Parent Concerns

  1. If I have a concern who should I talk to?
    • If you have concerns you should follow the chain of command:
      1. Coach
      2. Athletic Director
      3. Principal
  1. What is appropriate concern to bring to a coach?
    • Treatment of a child, mentally and physically
    • Ways to help your child improve
    • Concerns about your child’s behavior
  2. What is inappropriate to discuss with my child’s coach?
    • Playing time
    • Team Strategy
    • Play Calling
    • Other student-athletes
  3. When can I speak with a coach to address any concerns?
    • Call/Email a Coach to set up an appointment.
    • DO NOT address concerns directly before or after a contest.
  4. What should I do if a coach will not meet with me?
    • Please follow the chain in command until your concern is addressed.